“Mrs. Spanish, Mrs. Spanish, what are we doing today?”

Mrs. Spanish is my alias. This is what some of my students call me when they can’t remember Señora Mitchell. My real name is Anne Marie Mitchell. I live in Rome, GA with my husband and our 3 boys. I teach at Berry College Elementary and Middle School in Rome, GA. BCEMS is a small Kindergarten through 8th grade laboratory school. I have taught all 9 grades since 2007. I started a blog to catalog the things I have learned in the time I have been here.

I started using TPRS early on because I was looking for a better way to teach my students to communicate. I love how the TPRS community has evolved to include all types of methods that support Comprehensible Input.

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  1. Hi. I am trying to learn more about TPRS. I am teaching k-3rd Spanish twice a week. Another teacher I know that uses TPRS with older kids suggested I buy a TPRS curriculum so that I could begin to understand the method and get comfortable with the process. The 2 main curriculums I see for the younger kids (k-3rd) are the Conversa curriculum and the Hola Niños curriculum. I am trying to figure out which one to buy or if there is another I should be looking at. Do you have any suggestions? Why might one be a better curriculum than the other? I just found your blog and I love it!!! Thanks!

  2. I am hoping you might be able to attend and/or help spread the word about our first Cascadia CI Conference in Portland, OR June 29-30.

    We have an amazing lineup so far:

    Keynotes/Sessions by Dr. Beniko Mason and Dr. Stephen Krashen

    Sessions by Mike Peto, Annabelle Allen, Ben Slavic, Tina Hargaden, and Jacqueline Miller-Perry and Jon Cowart on CI for Equity, and a couple more surprise folks in the works.

    Model Language Classes by Wade Blevins (modeling in Cherokee), Adam Ziad (modeling in Arabic) Janet Kyong (modeling in Korean), Kristen Noelle Donoghue Wolf (modeling Elementary Spanish), and TBD modeling in Advanced French.

    Evening coaching with Ben Slavic till 11 PM or later!

    Optional pre-conference workshop with Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden June 26-27

    Visit https://comprehensiblecascadia.org/ for details.

  3. Hi! I am so so thankful to have found you! I have been teaching middle/high school for the past 12 years, but have just accepted an elementary position. I start Monday (yikes!) and am so thankful to be able to use your first unit (just downloaded it from TpT)! The current curriculum is basically non-existent, so I’m ready to overhaul it! LOVING your Me Gusta unit so much and plan to start there. Any idea when you may have another unit available? Or, any suggestions on where I can look for additional resources? Thank you so much for all of the time and love you put into the first unit.

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