¡No me digas! Curriculum

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¡No me digas! is a CI curriculum for early elementary. It was created for pre-literate and emerging readers, PreK -2nd grade students.

  • It uses multiple Comprehensible Input methods such as (but not limited to) TPR, PQA, Storytelling, Story-asking, and MovieTalk. What is Comprehensible Input? Check it out HERE
  • Culture is in Context and taught in the target language. All vocabulary is based on high-frequency language and student-centered vocabulary
**UPDATED July 2021** – Units published in the future (and eventually the units already published) will be formatted to use in as a cycling curriculum or linear/traditional curriculum. The units can be used in a linear way Units 1-12 or the units can be divided into 3 separate cycles that loop over 3 years. In a cycling curriculum you teach all your classes the same content, but differentiate between the levels with minor adjustments to the lesson. Here is an example of a program that begins in kindergarten.


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BUNDLE – Units 1-4 – ¡No me digas! curriculum

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UNIT 1- “Me gusta” (available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – se llama, me gusta, hay


CULTURAL CONNECTIONS – Guacamole, Churros etc.

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UNIT 2- “¿Quieres pizza?” (available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – quiero, por favor / gracias, le da a

THEMATIC VOCABULARY – food, colors, numbers

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS – Pizza around the world

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UNIT 3 – “¿Cómo estás?” (available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – ¿Cómo estás?, está cansado, baila


CULTURAL CONNECTIONS – Spanish dance – Flamenco

No me digas unit 1-4 bundle.001 

UNIT 4 – ¿Qué desayunas? (available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – bebe, va a, le da, está (emotions)

THEMATIC VOCABULARY – Food/Drinks, Meals (breakfast)

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS – Fernando Botero art, Breakfast around the world

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¡Qué lindo! – Unit 1 of “Ciclo de Cuerpo”

(available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – es, son, tiene

THEMATIC VOCABULARY – body parts, family, colors, numbers

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS – Eye color around the world, Una familia de España


¡Tengo miedo! – Unit 2 of “Ciclo de Cuerpo”

(available on TPT)

TARGET VOCABULARY – tiene miedo, corre, camina

THEMATIC VOCABULARY – body parts, family, colors, numbers

WORLD CONNECTIONS – Spiders (Lucas the spider)

¡Sí, se puede! – Unit 3 of “Ciclo de Cuerpo”

¡Yo también! – Unit 4 of “Ciclo de Cuerpo”


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Mi mascota – Unit 1 of “Ciclo de Criaturas”

Mi animal favorito – Unit 2 of “Ciclo de Criaturas”

Las criaturas místicas – Unit 3 of “Ciclo de Criaturas”

Los cuentos de animales – Unit 4 of “Ciclo de Criaturas”

Where do I go from here?? Check out my curriculum map for the upper elementary & middle school.