¿Te gusta la pizza?

I like to introduce the words “quiere” and “tiene” to my Kindergarten class early in the year.

I love to use one of my favorite songs from the CD Charlotte Diamond’s “Soy una pizza” My students love this song! Check out the link to get the whole CD which is great!! My students love to watch a youtube video that uses this song.  

***Disclaimer “Soy una pizza” doesn’t use the words “quiere” or “tiene” but…

This song helps me kick off a unit of talking about pizza. What do you want on your pizza? What do you NOT want on your pizza? What does the pizza have on it?

First I teach the song with lots of motions. I have the students draw their “ideal” pizza. I use the ingredients from the song and their pictures to talk about what they “want” on their pizza. (I can use “con/sin” because the song introduces this concept)

  • I also use pictures of pizzas to talk about different types of pizzas.
  • We tell stories about different characters wanting crazy things on their pizzas.
  • I use GPTV Salsa Episode 114 about the three goats that order crazy pizzas.
  • Then we make our own pretend pizzas. I walk around with fake ingredients asking “¿Quieres queso? ¿Quieres mucho queso?”
  • We take a picture then talk about what Ben’s pizza compared to Anna’s pizza.


This is a great unit that leads us into the main story from ConversaBooks “¡Quiere pizza!” about a boy who is looking for 9 special pizzas.

My students and I have a great time talking about pizza and it always ends up bringing up the words “¡Tengo hambre!” because at the end of the each lesson we all want pizza.


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