Sans Blague! Curriculum

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Sans Blague! is a CI curriculum for early elementary. It was created for pre-literate and emerging readers, PreK -2nd grade students.

  • It uses multiple Comprehensible Input methods such as (but not limited to) TPR, PQA, Storytelling, Story-asking, and MovieTalk. What is Comprehensible Input? Check it out HERE
  • Culture is in Context and taught in the target language. All vocabulary is based on high-frequency language and student-centered vocabulary
  • The curriculum starts by using the SUPER SEVEN to talk about students’ lives by playing, singing and telling stories.

Are these the ONLY words taught? NOPE!

 It is a starting point which leads to more stories, more questions, and more content.

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UNIT 1- “J’aime” (available on TPT

Target Structures – Il/Elle s’appelle, J’aime, ll y a

Thematic: Food, Family

Beginning of the year unit for K-2 including lesson plans and materials for the first 8 weeks.

  • Learning names the first day with “La boîte magique”
  • PQA and other activities for pre-literate & emerging readers
  • Fun phrases like Dégoûtant! and J’adore
  • Comprehension Assessments
  • Personalized Vocabulary for food and family
  • TWO versions of the Main story with pictures
  • Cultural Connections Suggestions
  • Editable Parent Letters to send home with student work


Want to see what is next in the curriculum and headed your way soon? Check out my curriculum in Spanish ¡No me digas! to see what units are next.