Kindergarteners- Twice a week for 45 minutes

The focus of Spanish class in Kindergarten is using the (Terry Waltz) SUPER SEVEN to talk about their lives, play, sing and tell stories.

The Super Seven

tiene- he/she has
quiere- he/she wants
va a- he/she goes to
le gusta- he/she likes
hay- there is/are
está- he/she feels, he/she is located
es – he/she is

Are these the ONLY words I teach? ¡Claro que NO!

These are the words I target but they allow me to cover any material I might want. With these 7 verbs I can personalize my curriculum to the world of my kindergartners.


UNIT 1- Me gusta

Target structures: se llama- his/her name is, me gusta- he/she likes, hay- there is/there are

Thematic: Food, Family

Culture: Guacamole, Churros etc.

UNIT 2- ¿Quieres pizza?

Target structures: quiero- I want, por favor / gracias- please / thank you, le da a- he/she gives to

Thematic: Food, Colors, Numbers

Culture: Pizza around the world

UNIT 3 – El Ratoncito Pérez

Thematic: Body parts and Daily Routine

Culture: Tooth Fairy vs Ratoncito Pérez

UNIT 4 – El bebé bebe leche

Target structures: bebe – he/she drinks, Lo siento – Sorry, le da a- he/she gives to

Thematic: Food/Drinks, Family Members

Culture: Chocolate

UNIT 5 – ¿Tienes una mascota?

Target structures: tiene – he/she has, grande/pequeño – big/small, es – he/she is

Thematic: Animals, Descriptions (size and color)