UPDATE!!! I have posted UNIT 2 – ¿Quieres pizza? Check it out here.

Kindergarteners- Twice a week for 45 minutes

The focus of Spanish class in Kindergarten is using the (Terry Waltz) SUPER SEVEN to talk about their lives, play, sing and tell stories.

The Super Seven

tiene- he/she has
quiere- he/she wants
va a- he/she goes to
le gusta- he/she likes
hay- there is/are
está- he/she feels, he/she is located
es – he/she is

Are these the ONLY words I teach? ¡Claro que NO!

These are the words I target but they allow me to cover any material I might want. With these 7 verbs I can personalize my curriculum to the world of my kindergartners.


**This is the updated version to my curriculum for this academic year 2017-2018. Older curriculum units are at bottom of page.

UNIT 1- Me gusta

Target structures: se llama- his/her name is, me gusta- he/she likes, hay- there is/there are

Thematic: Food, Family

Culture: Guacamole, Churros etc.

UNIT 2- ¿Quieres pizza?

Target structures: quiero- I want, por favor / gracias- please / thank you, le da a- he/she gives to

Thematic: Food, Colors, Numbers

Culture: Pizza around the world

UNIT 3 – Los Reyes Magos

Target structures: le da- I want, pone- he/she puts, quiere- he/she wants

Thematic: Clothes

Culture: Christmas Traditions



******    2016-2017 curriculum  *****

UNIT 1- Me gusta

Target structures: *se llama- his/her name is, *me gusta- he/she likes, hay- there is/there are

Thematic: Food, Locations

Culture: Guacamole, Churros etc. / Maps of Spain and South America

UNIT 2- ¿Cómo estás?

Target structures: está bien- he/she is good, está mal- he/she is bad (sick), está así así (he/she is OK)

Thematic: Feelings

Culture: Latin or Spanish dance

UNIT 3- ¿Tienes un gato?

Target structures: es grande- he/she is big, es pequeño- he/she is big, tiene- he/she has

Thematic: Pets, colors

Culture: Pets is other countries, (Capybara)

UNIT 4- ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Target structures: quiere- he/she wants, le da-  he/she gives to him/her, hay- there is/are

Thematic: Toys, Numbers, Manners

Culture: Piñatas

UNIT 5- ¿Quieres pizza?

Target structures: quiero- I want, ¿quieres?- do you want? tiene- he/she has

Thematic: Food

Culture: Flan, Tamales