4th grade Curriculum

(4th grade- Twice a week for 45 minutes)

4th grade is a mix of curriculum of ¡Cuéntame! from FluencyMatters (formally known as TPRS Publishing) & Martina Bex Units

**I am not publishing details of specific vocabulary of the ¡Cuéntame! episodes, but you can check out this curriculum on the website. Fluency Matters


UNIT 1- ¡Cuéntame! Episode 3

UNIT 2- Martina Bex El encierro de toros

Target structures: camina – he/she walks, corre– he/she runs, ve- he/she sees

Story Script: El bebé malo

Culture: Running of the Bulls

UNIT 2- Martina Bex Cierra la puerta

Target structures: abre la puerta – he/she opens the door, nunca cierra- never closes, son las ocho- it’s 8 o’clock

Thematic: Telling Time

UNIT 4- ¡Cuéntame! Episode 4

UNIT 5- MovieTalk: Cade meu Rango?