2nd grade Curriculum

(2nd grade- Twice a week for 45 minutes)

2nd grade is a review of Kindergarten and 1st grade vocabulary PLUS other structures like…

necesita- he/she needs
vuela- he/she flies
hace frió/calor- it is cold/hot
juega- he/she plays
gana– he/she wins

Are these the ONLY words I teach? ¡Claro que NO!

These are the words I target but they allow me to cover any material I might want. 

In 2nd grade we spend half the years on science like the life cycle and animal habitats. Then the other half on sports and games.

**Special Note- Because of scheduling I do not have the same amount of time with my 2nd grade class. On paper I have them 2X a week just like the other classes but I have found over the years that their time is cut the most by holidays, field trips and special events. That being said I do not cover as much material as I can in the other grades.


UNIT 1- Somos como las flores

Target structures: necesita- he/she/it needs, el agua- the water, el sol – the sun, la tierra – the earth

Thematic: weather, nature

Culture: Habitats

UNIT 2- La Oruga tiene hambre

Target structures: necesita- he/she/it needs, busca- he/she looks for, la comida– the food

Thematic: weather, nature, food, animals, habitats

UNIT 2- Vamos a México

Target structures: vuela- he/she/it flies, hace frío/calor- it is cold/hot, “tengo frío/calor” – I am cold/hot

Thematic: weather, nature, food, animals, habitats

Culture- Monarch butterfly migration to México, México geography and ecosystems

UNIT 3- Los deportes

Target structures: juega- he/she plays, gana – he/she wins, el fútbol – soccer

Thematic: sports, favorite activities

Culture- Sports in other countries especially soccer, World Cup, famous athletes

UNIT 4- Ferdinand the Bull

Target structures: huelehe/she smells, lucha – he/she fights, el toro – the bull

Thematic: sports, favorite activities

Culture- Bullfighting in Spain, Spain geography

UNIT 5- La Familia Ratón

Target structures: hablahe/she speaks, salta detrás – he/she jumps behind, hacia- towards

Thematic: animals, favorite activities, food

Culture- Cuban food