NEW unit available! ¡Tengo miedo! – Unit 2 of Ciclo de Cuerpo

The next unit ¡Tengo miedo! – Unit 1 for Ciclo de Cuerpo is AVAILABLE NOW!

¡Tengo miedo! is the second unit of the year for “Ciclo de Cuerpo” of the ¡No me digas! Curriculum for Elementary Spanish students (Pre-K – 2nd grade) targeting Novice-Low and Novice-Mid students.

** This unit follows ¡Qué lindo! – ¡No me digas! curriculum

TARGET VOCABULARY – tiene miedo, camina, corre

THEMATIC VOCABULARY – body parts, colors, numbers, animals

WORLD CONNECTIONS – Lucas, the spider (Jumping Spiders)


  • 26 page Unit plans with detailed lesson plans, links to resources, differentiation plans for Novice-Low and Novice-Mid learners
  • All presentations are in Spanish and comprehensible to Novice-Low & Novice-Mid students and include detailed teacher scripts in the two leveled versions.
  • Presentations and instructions for a PQA discussion of students’ fears ¿De qué tienes miedo?
  • TPRS story – El tigre tiene miedo del color rosado.
  • Introduction and post activities for GPTV Salsa episode 114
  • Unit overview with ACTFL standards, Can-do statements and differentiation notes.
  • Seesaw Plus integration – All student activities are available on Seesaw already set up and ready to assign to your classes along with teacher directions. Print version of all activities also available
  • Non-fiction lessons on jumping spiders
  • Listening Comprehension Activities with Monster Guess Who?
  • based in Comprehensible Input methods such as PQA, MovieTalk, and other CI activities
  • created to be used across multiple grades at one time with differentiation notes for Novice-Low and Novice-Mid for EVERY lesson including different resources for each level. (For example, I will be using this unit for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade this Fall with minor changes to accommodate for Novice-Low and Novice-Mid learners. (However this unit could be used more traditionally as Unit 1 of Year 2 of ¡No me digas! – See video preview for more information.)
  • Easily adaptable to digital learning with resources available in multiple formats such as PDFs, Google Slides, and Seesaw.

View ¡No me digas! curriculum map HERE

Check out Year 1 of ¡No me digas! curriculum (Ciclo de Comida)


    • This new unit builds on Unit 1 of Ciclo de Cuerpo ¡Qué lindo! so it might be difficult to jump to this from Me Gusta. ¿Quieres pizza? is the next unit in that cycle with Me Gusta. There are 3 cycles, Ciclo de Comida, Ciclo de Cuerpo and Ciclo de Criaturas. You can see more information on this on the ¡No me digas! curriculum page.

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