Somos Flex + Seesaw (3rd-5th grade) – Mrs. Spanish Live

This is a Facebook Live recording from August 14, 2020 discussing how I use Somos Flex Unit 1 with Seesaw with my 3rd-5th grade classes.


  1. Hi!! I was looking into one of SOMOS frequently asked questions and saw your TPT recommended for Elementary students. I realized I’ve seen your curriculum before and now watching your video I can relate SO MUCH with you (not on the experience since I’m a first year teacher) because I’m teaching 1 to 8 grades. I saw part of your curriculum plan for this year (which I would love to implement) and if I’m not mistaken, are you using Stepping Stones for 6 to 8?! I really would LOVE to use “¡No me digas!” for next year with 2 to 4 grades! And was planning on using Stepping Stones for 5 to 8 next year. This year has been a lot about me trying new things to see what works. I’m just getting my feet into CI and currently using Voces Digital. Anyways, I wanted to ask you if your 2nd year Units will be available before next year starts 🤞🏽🤞🏽

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