Wooly Week 2019 – And so it begins…

I am a HUGE Señor Wooly fan. I have been using Señor Wooly‘s materials for YEARS. So 2 years ago when the first Wooly Week was launched, I was ALL ABOARD!! (I even won an autographed poster that year! It is hung in a place of honor in my classroom!)

I want to share some information if you don’t know about Wooly Week or need help navigating it. Plus scroll down to see how I am preparing my classroom for Wooly week including our OWN STUDENT WOOLY RAFFLE where students get to earn raffle tickets towards prizes.


So this year I was excited to see what Wooly Week would have in store! And boy did they outdo themselves!


This year…

  • They provide lesson plans that can cover 1-2 weeks of your class using the new material that will be released Tuesday, Feb. 5th.
  • And these are no simple, plain lesson plans. These are Carrie Toth and Jim Wooldridge blood, sweat and tears lesson plans. 🤯 They are good, people.
  • There are THREE tiers to the lesson plans to accommodate what teachers might need. You can go to the website to get an explanation from Señor Wooly himself in the BLOG section.
    • TIER ONE – Wooly Welcome
    • TIER TWO – Wooly Wildcard
    • TIER THREE – Wooly Warhorse
  • Even within the tiers, there are choices each day to accommodate different teaching styles and Spanish levels. (Really they thought of EVERYTHING!)
  • The Facebook for Wooly teachers (Woology) will be COMMAND CENTRAL for teachers to ask questions, share ideas, give feedback. Jim Wooldridge and Carrie Toth along with other BRILLANT MINDS like Kelly Ferguson will be there to help.
  • The lesson plans include awesome interactive events like the World Premiere of a NEW SONG and a LIVE EVENT starring Señor Wooly who will be answering questions from kids all over.
  • GENIUS HOUR – lots of projects (with cool posters to advertise them) for your students to express themselves and go above and beyond to express their love for all things Wooly.  💚💙💚💙💚


What am I doing for WOOLY WEEK??

FIRST of all…my students will NOT know about Wooly Week.

giphy (1).gif

I have a student teacher who will start teaching each class on MONDAY, Feb. 4th. We are currently coming up with the most BORING, TEDIOUS, EYE-ROLLING “DO WE HAVE TO??” assignment we can think of. If my students happen to see Wooly Week on the website then I plan to LIE and tell them “Sorry, not this year. We are behind” or something like that.

Then a few minutes into this HORRIBLE assignment, I plan to run into the room in full WOOLY awesomeness with my new Wooly T-shirt, my Billy la Bufanda and Gorro and my WOOLY masks to hand out (released in the lesson plans) where I will ANNOUNCE


giphy (2).gif

OK…I know you might be thinking “But won’t that turn your students off? They won’t be excited because they are middle schoolers, and the last thing a middle schooler wants to do is like something their teacher likes…”

You might be right…BUT I’M DOING IT ANYWAYS!!

Sometimes it is fun to embarrass yourself to the point the kids appreciate your insanity. (Stitch that on a pillow)



We will all have class together (5th-8th) on the first FRIDAY of the plans, Feb. 8th. This is when Señor Wooly will be doing a LIVE EVENT to answer questions that my students and students around the world have emailed earlier in the week. (WHAT!!! 🤯)

We will also all have class together on the second FRIDAY to have a WOOLY celebration!! (Feb. 15th) We will have snacks (Wooly themed of course) and drinks. We will share Genius hour projects. AND… This is where I plan my favorite addition to Wooly Week…


I LOVE the raffle tickets for Señor Wooly, and my students LOVE helping me get them. I actually won the first year, but even if you don’t win it is SO MUCH FUN!

So I decided to spread the fun to my students. So here is what I am doing…

  • Students earn raffle tickets by completing tasks mostly out of class or they have the option to come to my classroom during their break time to work. Lots of the extra assignments were done for me (Thank you, Mr. Wooldridge) using the Genius Hour posters. Here is the document I am giving my students…


  • I will display completed coloring sheets outside my room with their names
  • I will use the PROGRESS button on Señor Wooly’s site to see nuggets completed
  • I will put all the GENIUS HOUR posters on a bulletin board so students know their options.
  • I created a Google form for students to rank their FAVORITE Señor Wooly video AND to have them guess which video would get the most votes. You can MAKE A COPY of mine to use.
Google Form - Best Señor Wooly Video
**WARNING – If you don’t make a COPY and share that link to your students, you will not be able to see your results. The beauty of a GOOGLE FORM is it will calculate the results for you. Just click on responses to see what your students chose. Link – https://goo.gl/forms/CRPUXhiDmlKfKpKz2


What are my students winning?? 

2 students chosen from RAFFLE – A choice from Señor Wooly apparel

3 students chosen from RAFFLE – Señor Wooly Stickers or Homework Pass

Student(s) with the MOST Raffle ticket entries – Homework Pass or Señor Wooly Stickers

How do I calculate and chose the WINNERS?

I am using a website called RANDOMPICKER.com which once you register, it helps you create a Raffle and then shows you how to import a Spreadsheet with WEIGHTED entries. Never used the site before so… hoping it works.Screenshot 2019-01-31 11.35.02.png

We will announce the winners at our final Wooly Party on Feb. 15th.

What are you doing for Wooly Week??


giphy (3).gif


  1. Hi there.. thanks for all this great information. What grades do you use Sr Wooly with? Thanks, Mindee
    On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 11:56 AM Mrs. Spanish’s class wrote:
    > Spanish posted: “I am a HUGE Señor Wooly fan. I have been using Señor > Wooly’s materials for YEARS. So 2 years ago when the first Wooly Week was > launched, I was ALL ABOARD!! (I even won an autographed poster that year! > It is hung in a place of honor in my classroom!) I wa” >

    • Hey Michelle, I am working on a blog post about this. I do a little in 2nd-4th but I use most of Señor Wooly materials with 5th -8th.

  2. I would love to make a copy of your google doc about guessing which video gets the most votes, but I don’t see an active link?

  3. Hi! I like your poll but am unable to make a copy of it. Also, my 10th graders have only seen 2 or 3 videos. Do you find they need to see more of them to be able to participate in the poll or to make it more exciting for them?

  4. I am absolutely loving this, and plan on using it next year during Wooly Week. I need a little more lead time to get things done, as I have an absolutely insane schedule at this school. I love the idea of the raffle for the students to do. Great idea!

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