iFLT 2018 “Latin Language Lab” with Justin Slocum Bailey

Justin Slocum Bailey

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Middle School kids – 4th day of Latin

First few days – PQA, Student interest, He was hoping to write and create a story but hit a good student interest questions. (A hedgehog)

*** He has a scribe in his classroom to write down everything down as a transcript to keep for a fast processor. He can use it to remind himself. Also for ABSENT students, he has a review for them.

*** He never erases the board during class because it is a good safeguard against giving them TOO much language. Then he can take a picture of the board and keep it for his kids or his own use. Also if kids want to take notes they can write anything down before they leave.


Student Job – The student stands at the door and asks for the password as the other students come in.

REVIEW – the previous day information

Student Absence – One student is absent so he uses the information to get more repetition. (The student actually comes in later, and he gets to review again.)

*** Do you want to be the “but” person? He uses BUT in Latin and this student says “but” in a fun voice to help with comprehension.

*** When he messes up he has the kids make a special noise. (What a great lesson in the teacher isn’t perfect either! That can take some pressure off the teacher to be perfect and it makes us more human and relatable to our students.)

*** Points over his shoulder to indicate past but also translates to help them.

*** A student who was absent became a FLOWER prop that Justin occasionally talked to. LOL

Kid asks about past tense.

Justin says “A lot of people are confused about the past”


Student Job – A student keeps up with his markers because he writes L2 in one color and L1 in another color

*** Using advanced structures to create a more natural conversation. It is still comprehensible and the vocabulary is sheltered. Reminds me of another session.

Comprehension Checks

  • What do you think __________ means?” to the class
  • direct translation verbally or on board
  • writing L2 words/phrases on the board (if a cognate that could be understood by seeing it written)
  • asks an individual student “What does this mean?”

** Using a large beach ball globe to help determine the location of the character. He then releases the air in the globe to talk to the character “in the globe”

He has discovered the days before he has a kid that can dance “the floss” very well. He compares it to the flower, “flos”, in the story.

Brain Breaks/Movement

TPR – (He has taught structures before so he can review and add on) He has divided the room into groups and has the groups interact (TPR) or do things separately. Get close

Brain Break – Pick one Latin word you remember or one from the board, pick it in 10 seconds (He pauses to let them think) Do you have one…? Do you have one? The students whisper it in his ear. (If they don’t have one then they are not embarrassed.) They look down, he counts to 3 and then they look up at one person. If two people make eye contact, those two people are out.


Students get markers, towel, and whiteboards. (He has red and black, and he lets them choose, saying the colors over and over as he lets them choose individually.)

“Write what you know about Felicia.” (Felicia is a student in the class. They talked about her (PQA) the previous day. Now they are writing about it.)

“Don’t worry about spelling. It doesn’t have to be in complete sentences. Draw it if you can’t express it.”

*** LOL – Kid asks “Do I write in Latin?” He says “One minute.” He walks out to “check” the schedule. Walks back in and says “Yeah, Latin”

NOW he uses the kid’s writing/drawings to review Felicia using their words.

Now they are writing again about a different student. He walks around assessing.

He has the students stack their boards on a chair then he goes through them to talk about them. Then he can go over them without anyone knowing whose board he chose or chose to skip.


Kids stand up, get a post it, they go back to the chair and write something you know about someone in the class but don’t use the name. The class must use ALL the post-it notes so kids are writing multiple post-its. Some kids are writing more than others. The students put them under the chair.


They will stand up, and walk around (maybe music). He will call out a number. The students get into a group of that number. He has a slideshow of pictures. The group must get in the position of the people in the picture on the slide. LOVE!


“omnes una” – We are all in this together. (He sings in High School Musical style)



15 seconds of QUIRKINESS – Show picture (Donald Rusty visual illusions) or anything very INTERESTING), Talk about what is there, but you can take it to PQA – Where have you been that looks like this? Where is this in the real world? Do you want to go there? What if you turned around and saw this bear from the picture? Would you rather turn around and see this bear OR go home and take out the trash?




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