iFLT18 – Mira Canion “Creating Comprehensible Cultural Input”

Mira Canion “What do people think that motivates their behavior and creates things?”

Products, Perspectives, and Practices (ACTFL)

Teachers need to recognize their own products and their ties to perspectives and practices because the standards require comparisons.


Where? Who? When? – Central America, workers in a truck, morning headed to a working site, lots of traffic,

hombre, mujer, ciudad, parque, coche, motocicletas, hace calor, por la mañana, después de una huracán, verano, primavera

** Students can write down vocabulary and connections down under the picture

** Students cannot respond without identifying their evidence. They identify the flag in a picture so they say “Its’s Cuba” Why? “There is a Cuban flag”

¿Cuantos años tienen? (How old are they?) más o menos

They are wearing uniforms. (each school-age wearing the same uniform) Their uniform can give you a clue to their age.

Product – Uniform,

Practice – Each child who goes to school wears a certain uniform in the whole country,

Perspective – (more complex) – Do you like uniforms? Does Starbucks have uniforms? Are uniforms are a good idea or a bad idea? In Cuba, is there discipline? (comparisons to their lives) Is your mom strict?

*** Not comprehensible? Get personal and build up from their background knowledge until you are comprehensible and continue your discussion.

*** Everyone, give me a wrong answer. Then the student that can’t participate can give answers and it will help everyone take the mental journey of eliminating answers.

SEE, THINK, WONDER (project Harvard Zero)

What do you see? (L2)

What do you think about it? (scaffolded L2)

What do you wonder about it? (depends – you have to decide)

I see a woman. I think she is a customer. I wonder if she is a tourist.

I see a motorcycle. I think it belongs to the guy in the red scarf. I wonder what is talking to that woman about.

Connections – What do we buy on the street? Is it cheaper? Is it legal?

Fruit stand – Where are these fruits from? Are they fresh? (connect to map, temperatures, climate)


Not just your Target Language, include all cultures. Start with your unit, your novel… break it down into pictures, products – Now you can connect it to the perspective.

Show the products. Show the practices. And as a class brainstorms their perspectives.

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