iFLT 18 – Mira Canion – “Author Insights – Reading Novels with Compassionate Eyes”

How can we go deeper with the novels we use in class?

  • What does this text say to me?
  • How does it change who I am?
  • How might this text change what I do in the world?

My 3rd graders LOVE “Capibara con Botas”, and I am excited to see the new book that she has released this summer.

Mira Canion’s NEW BOOK – La perezosa impaciente

BIG THEMES of the book can be tied to your student’s personal feelings, perspectives, and then compared to those around the world who have similar or contrasting perspectives

Themes that Mira Canion demonstrated for her new book that I look forward to discussing with my students.

Irritation with your Parents rules – Do you have rules and restrictions in your house? Are they good or bad? Do you think your parents are strict?

Then Mira compared it to pictures from other places where children have restrictions. Are these rules fair? Why do parents have these rules?


Illegal Exports of Columbia

  1. Drugs
  2. Weapons
  3. Exotic Animals


ART to pull vocabulary


Botero – I want to add this to my Unit 3 that talks about a little girl that wants to dance flamenco just like her mom.


4 corners – Examples: Most annoying restrictions -phone restrictions, car restrictions, screen restrictions, friends restrictions

Post-its Bar graph (Martina Bex)



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  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I am thinking about using Mira’s new novel with my 4th graders next year!

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