SALE & new(ish) stories!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

If you teach little ones then enjoy the sugar rush. If you teach middle schoolers then… I’m sorry. (Love my middle schoolers but Valentine’s is a middle school teachers Kryptonite)

What is NEW? well…newish

I have 4 stories for you. It is actually 2 stories that with 2 different versions. They follow my first two units for Pre-K through 2nd grade which you can get HERE.

If you have already purchased these units then go to MY PURCHASES and download them again for the updated version that includes the new stories.

OR…if you want the stories individually then you can purchase them separately HERE.

Thumbnail SSR stories Unit 1.001          Thumbnail SSR stories Unit 2.001

And what a GREAT time to check it out because…

I’m having a SALE!!!


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