Amazing Annabelle Allen in Action

Here are the videos I promised! Here is Annabelle Allen teaching Elementary Spanish in a language lab at iFLT 2016. Here are my NOTES if you missed my observations.



  1. Thanks for posting these videos. Although having been there at that lab and being able to experience it, I forgot a lot of what Anabelle did, so this is a great refresher. I loved how she did a movie talk for just half of the movie and then let the students watch the rest of it uninterrupted – I am going to try this. Best of luck with the new school year.

    • Yeah I think I have been trying to stop and start the videos too much all the way through. I am going to try to pick better videos this year and get the repetitions in the pre-viewing activities and at the beginning. Then I can let the video roll and review some after. Hope your year starts out great!

  2. […] After you have the drawings, you can retell the story as students point to their drawings. You can then do it out of order to check listening comprehension. You could have some of the students try and tell about one frame in Spanish or all of them. I always make this optional and worth classroom points. (For more information on classroom points, see my observation notes of Annabelle Allen La Maestra Local) […]

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