El Bebé Malo

If you teach elementary, middle, high school, adults, or any other group then you need EL BEBÉ MALO!!

I first heard this from Jason Fritz – El Bebé Malo in NTPRS in Chicago.

He adapted it from Jalen Waltman (Waltmania) and the story is apart of her book

Level 1 Spanish for middle school- Spanish 1A & 1B 2005 Version



camina– s/he walks

corre- s/he run

ve- s/he sees

My kids LOVE this!!!

I use it in 4th grade as a part of the Storytelling Unit #2: El encierro de toros from Martina Bex’s curriculum.



5 thoughts on “El Bebé Malo

  1. Hi there! so excited I found your blog! I teach lower grades so some of the stuff out there really doesn’t work for me though. Anyways, I see you say the story Script for “El Bebe Malo” is on here but I can’t find it. Can you help me out?

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