1st grade Curriculum

(1st grade- Twice a week for 45 minutes)

1st grade is a review of Kindergarten’s study of the  SUPER SEVEN (Terry Waltz)

The Super Seven

tiene- he/she has
quiere- he/she wants
va a- he/she goes to
le gusta- he/she likes
hay- there is/are
está- he/she feels, he/she is located
es – he/she is

NEW WORDS for 1st grade:

puede- he/she is able
ve- he/she sees
le da- he/she gives
busca- he/she looks for
hace- he/she makes
viene- he/she comes
lleva- he/she carries/wears
vive- he/she lives

Are these the ONLY words I teach? ¡Claro que NO!

These are the words I target but they allow me to cover any material I might want. 

In 1st grade we tell fairy tales and play make-believe ranging from monsters to well-known fairytales.


UNIT 1 – La cabeza no tiene pelo

Target structures: no tiene pelo- he/she does not have hair, es rubio- he/she is blond, 

Thematic: Body parts, colors

UNIT 2 – El monstruo tiene miedo

Target structures: tiene miedo– he/she is scared (has fear), ve– he/she sees, es valiente– he/she is brave

Thematic: Body parts

UNIT 3 – La familia de ratones

Target structures: juega- he/she plays, corre –  he/she runs, saltan detrás – they jump behind

        Thematic: Favorite activities, food, animals

       Culture: Cuban food, Martina la cucaracha

UNIT 4 – El rey no tiene una boca

Target structures: no puede – he/she can’t, escribe – he/she writes, busca – he/she looks for

Thematic: Body parts, action verbs (infinitives),

Culture: Picasso paintings